". Intelligent Computing: Top 5 Tips To Increase Your PC Performance!!!

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your PC Performance!!!

If you have low memory, and you want to run your computer smoothly, then follow the tips given below,

1. Resolution - Change your computer resolution to low state and use it. It will increase your performance of your computer.

2. Startup - Unwanted programs in your computer might slow down your PC. So remove those unwanted programs by using Quick Startup (1.2 MB). To Download Quick Startup Click here

3. Faster Menu Display - Press Windows Logo button + R > Type regedit > Press enter > Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\CONTROL PANEL\DESKTOP. On the right pane, you will see a option called MenuShowDelay. Double click on it, and change the value to 0.

4. Font - Delete unwanted fonts by following the below steps,
  • Go to your hard drive where your operating system is installed.
  • Go to Windows Folder.
  • Go to fonts folder & delete the unwanted fonts. ( Don't delete the fonts which are colored in red ).
5. Enable Hibernation - If your system is slow in startup and shutdown, then enable the hibernate option by going to control panel.

Restart your computer to take effect!


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