". Intelligent Computing: How to increase the startup speed of your Computer!

How to increase the startup speed of your Computer!

First time when you brought the computer the computer would have started within 30 seconds, but after sometime the startup time will increase, then you have to wait for sometime. This will happen because whenever you install a new software, then the services of the software will automatically go to the startup menu without your concern.

Here is a way to increase your Startup Speed,

1. Go to the start button and click run.

2. Then in run command type "msconfig" and press enter.

3. Check the selective startup box and click on startup on the upper tab.

4. After clicking on the startup, just uncheck the box which you don't want want. Make sure to check the antivirus services and the system services, because these services are essential to run the core system services properly.

5. After removing the unnecessary services in the startup list, you will see the change in the startup speed.

6. Restart the computer to complete the process.


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