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Sharp Aquos AN-AR300 Rack Theater!

This system comes with an in-built amplifier and a 2.1 channel speaker system. This product is named as Aquos AN-AR300 from Sharp Japan. It has two deck stations for a BD and DVD recorder. The digital amplifier and the speaker system delivers an output of 25W x 2ch and 70W respectively.

Hot Features

The Digital amplifier has an HDMI input and when connected to an Aquos LCD TV and BD recorder all the three devices can be controlled by a remote control easily. Also MP3 players and cellphones can be connected to the unit via stereo mini slot.
How to View the Administrator Account in Welcome Screen!

Windows XP doesn't show the administrator account in welcome screen at startup, but if you are an administrator and wishing to log on using the administrator account, then use the following registry tweak to bring it to the welcome screen,

1. Open Run Command.

2. In Run Command type"regedit"

3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\Userlist and then create a new DWORD entry and name it as Administrator and change its value to 1.

4. Reboot the computer to take effect,

5. If you dont want the administrator option in the startup then change the DWORD value you created to 0.

What to do if the folder options in your computer is not seen?

Sometime you will overcome this strange type of problem, that your folder options will not be seen, it is actually disabled by malware or other virus.

To correct this problem you have to do some tweaks, so follow the steps correctly,

1. Open Run command and type "gpedit.msc"

2. Now go to User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Component> Windows Explorer.

3. In Windows Explorer you will find the third option on the right side of the screen "Removes the folder option menu item from the tools menu". Just double click on it and click on "Not Configured" and click Ok.

4. After restarting the computer you will sure find the folder options in the Windows Explorer.

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