". Intelligent Computing: How to Protect MS Access 2007!!!

How to Protect MS Access 2007!!!

Have you created a database with access? If yes then follow the steps to protect your database,

Normal Protection:

To do this open MS Access, and go to Database Tools in the ribbon menu and you will find "Encrypt with Password" in the upper right corner.

High Protection:

High protection can be done by using work group security requiring a password and a user name.
By applying this security the user can only read the data but not able to change it.

A tricky way to protect your important access project is by changing the extension of the file.
Change the extension to .txt. If you want to view it again then again change it to .accdb.
If you cannot find the extension, then go to My computer >Go to Menu Bar > Tools > Folder Options > View > See Advanced Settings below > Then uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" option.


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