". Intelligent Computing: Delete a Undeletable file in Windows!

Delete a Undeletable file in Windows!

You try to delete a file and instead Windows flashes a warning saying that access is denied. There are several reasons why something like this happens. The following are the four steps to delete the file,

Step 1:

The simplest reason for this is that the file is open. For example, if it is a document that you are trying to delete, check to see if Word is using it. Shut down the program and then try deleting it.

Step 2:

Sometimes, though you’ve shut down the application running the file, the program may still be running in the background. In this case open task manager and end the application which you have recently closed.

Step 3:

If the file still remains, then restart your computer and start pressing F8 key when you hear the system beep. Go to safe mode and delete the file.

Step 4:

If you still can't delete the file, then try using this free software. You can download it here "Move On Boot". Download and install this software and simply drag and drop the file which you want. It will delete it on next system restart.


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